Inspiration – Stairs

I am working on a project where we are building out the loft above the origin apartment. It will become a two story apartment when we finally open up the roof and install a staircase connecting the floors. So I am wondering.. which stairs to choose? Here are some cool stairs I found while searching inspiration.

2 via Anna gillar, photo Tina Stephansen,
3 photo Ted Hunter, made by Roarockit Skateboard Company
4 photo Scott Chalmers, via Evdes
5 via Toxel, via MailboxTees
6 via Toxel, made by Levitate Architects
7 via Omahku
8 via Desire to Inspire, made by Unicraft Joinery
9 via Evdes
10 via Toxel
11 via Mastercom, advertisement for Time to Thaw 

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