Vintage Chesterfield sofas

I bought these Chesterfield sofas at Birkelunden flea-market some weeks ago. I was so afraid that someone else would buy them that I bought them right away without thinking if I really needed them and without discussing it with my live-in boyfriend.
I love my new sofas, but unfortunately my boyfriend hates them. So while they are stored in the basement I am trying to convince him with some inspirational photos.

Me: «Look at the beautiful Chesterfields on these photos! Must be a very comfortable sofa since the dog loves it!»
Him: «We already have a very comfortable sofa.»

Me: «Look!! They even have a Chesterfield sofa in the Humphrey´s Brooklyn loft on Gossip Girl!»
Him: «And so what??»

Hmm.. What to do?

1: photo Åse Ørjasæter
2 – 4: via A beautiful living, photo: Amelia & Andreas Lönngren Widell
5: via Christina Tonkin interiors blog


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