DIY – Kee Klamp System

Kee klamp components offer the most flexible solution of pipe construction, safety railing, handrail and can also be used as clothing and book racks. I will visit the supplier here in Norway, Tyco Fire Protection Products, today and buy some components for a shop-interior project I am working on.
An easy and cheap «Do It Yourself» project. Or you can buy finished solutions from Stella Bleu Designs via Etsy

Photos via Etsy


2 kommentarer om “DIY – Kee Klamp System

  1. This looks fantastic – we're looking at Key Clamp for a store installation, but am always put off by how 'new' it looks. This looks really weathered and aged… any ideas how to treat the metal to achieve this look? Great blog, good find over a cup of coffee.


  2. Hi Chris!
    Thanks for kind words!
    I have only used the «new look» kee klamp components in my projects. See the following links:
    I don't know how to get the old, aged look but you can probably do a lot with some spray painting?? Spray paint in color; brown, copper or black and than use some sandpaper here and there to get the aged look.


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