Pure & Original paint – Concrete look

Pure & Original paint is a washable, environmentally friendly, professional water-based chalk paint with natural pigments. It comes in more than 100 different colors.
The very mat, powdery look makes the painted walls look like made of concrete.

Just what I needed for the apartment I’m working on now where the original concrete wall looked like this:

I wanted to keep the concrete look, but to even out the color differences.
This is the result after using the Pure & Original paint on half of the wall:

The color I use is «potato skin». I bought it at Grünerløkka Farge & Interiør / Malia, located in Thorvald Meyers gt. 69 on Grünerløkka in Oslo. My favorite paint store where I always get great service.
I will post more photos when the work is completed.
Photos: Åse Ørjasæter


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