17 thoughts on “Sunday mix

  1. Is the table in the second-to-the-last photo a driftwood table? If it is, I have to say the people who made it did a great job making it look like that, a touch of nature to compliment the blacks and whites of the room.


  2. Wooden-theme furniture at its finest! I like the wooden chandelier, it breaks the norm of the beaded team. I also noticed that all walls are white. I'm into clear white walls, they also brighten the rich chocolate and/or smoky color of wooden furniture.


  3. I'm honestly surprised that, even if the interior is devoid of any standout colors, it still looks aesthetically pleasing. Must be because the fixtures and furniture complement the color.


  4. The good thing about some of the furniture is that they're colored in earth tones. That way, the place doesn't look overly bright, but it's not entirely white to make it look fairly dull.


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