Project : Dagali Lodge vol. 2

We continued our renovation project : Dagali Lodge when we came back from Bali in May.
It was a nice contrast with Norwegian mountain life for a while after months of Bali beach life;)

Room by room we’ve been going through the process of scraping, washing, priming, acrylic filling and painting both walls, roofs and floors. We managed to finish most of the rooms on the second floor and are happy with the result. I am really looking forward to start with the interior decoration later.. But first we have to work on a new project in Oslo for a while.

Old fireplaces are cleaned, polished and made as good as new..

New kitchen installed.

Not much time for interior decoration this time, but I managed to do some decoration with old furniture treasures from the farm.. I will try to use as much of the old as I can before bringing something new into the house.

Photos : Åse Ørjasæter

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