Light pictures and art

I found the above photos via Design Shimmer, one of my favorite interior blogs. I love the concept of light photos and light art. Would be a nice form of light therapy during the dark Norwegian winter.

The original source is Light boysa company that specializes in light pictures. You can send in your own polaroid and get your personalized light photo shipped back home or you can choose photos from top international photographers.
I visited an art gallery in Bali called YOU NEVER KAN TELL, which also have some nice light artwork. The below photos are from this gallery. I regret that I did not buy one on my last visit and will definitely do on my next one. The gallery is located in Seminyak, close to The Oberoi


Concrete wall – Wallpapers

All these «concrete walls» are wallpapers. Designed by photographer Tom Haga.
I am wondering if I should use a wallpaper from his collection on a wall in the apartment I am working on now. It is a two story loft apartment where there are some real concrete walls on the second floor but none on the first floor. So maybe one «fake» concrete wall downstairs will connect the look of the different floors more?

Tom Haga has also some grafitti-, brick- and woodwalls in his collection. Check out the collection on

Photos : Tom Haga, via


White home – by Katrine Bakke

I recently visited my friend Katrine Bakke at her house in Skien. Katrine is the designer of the jewelry brand, By Katrine Bakke, and her taste for elegance and details reflects her home too.

Some product details:
White tiles on the floor – special ordered tiles from Italy bought through Modena
Kitchen – Kvik
Bio hearth – Modena
Cylinder extractor hood – Gorenje
Bar stools – Variér
Painting – Anette B. Axelsson

Photos: Åse Ørjasæter and Katrine Bakke


DIY – Graphic slogans

I made these graphic slogans. This is how you do it:

1. Make your text in Adobe Illustrator. Mark the text and make the action «expand» (on the object menu)
2. Make a box.
3. Place the text over the box and mark both the text and the box. Go to the «window» menu, open «pathfinder» and use the»exclude» function. 
Now you have a stencil.

4. Place the stencil over a photo and you have made your own piece of graphic art.

Photo/art: Åse Ørjasæter

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