Project : Casa Sinsen vol. 3

Casa Sinsen ready for sale.. two months after we bought it. It took us about one month to finish the project.
The apartment was sold after the first showing, and we have already bought a new project. This time a house that we will move into ourselves after some renovation.

Photos : iHus eiendomsmegling

Project : Casa Sinsen vol. 2

Computer problems.. My mac has gone crazy, and is still not repaired, so it hasn’t been many blogposts lately.. But here are some photos from my phone of the project I’m working on right now, Project : Casa Sinsen.

A lot has happened during the last couple of weeks. We’ve been sanding and varnishing all the wooden floors. We have used a white pigmented varnish.
All walls and ceilings are spackled, sanded and painted. Mostly in white color, except one wall that is painted black and one wall in the kitchen where we uncovered an original brick wall.

We have also made some wooden shelves that I will use in the styling of the apartment. Just need to install a brand new kitchen first.. then I can start on the fun styling part;)

Project : Casa Sinsen vol. 1

New renovation project, new possibilities..
We started on a new remodeling project last week. After spending the first week just tearing it down we are now ready to build it up again. We are happy about finding original wooden floors on all rooms under layers of carpets and linoleum. And in the kitchen we have started to uncover one brick wall. I am very excited about the project and looking forward to transform this apartment in a month’s time;)

Project : Dagali Lodge vol. 2

We continued our renovation project : Dagali Lodge when we came back from Bali in May.
It was a nice contrast with Norwegian mountain life for a while after months of Bali beach life;)

Room by room we’ve been going through the process of scraping, washing, priming, acrylic filling and painting both walls, roofs and floors. We managed to finish most of the rooms on the second floor and are happy with the result. I am really looking forward to start with the interior decoration later.. But first we have to work on a new project in Oslo for a while.

Old fireplaces are cleaned, polished and made as good as new..

New kitchen installed.

Not much time for interior decoration this time, but I managed to do some decoration with old furniture treasures from the farm.. I will try to use as much of the old as I can before bringing something new into the house.

Photos : Åse Ørjasæter

Project : Dagali Lodge vol. 1

My parents in law have inherited a mountain-farm recently and we have now started the renovation of it. A dream project 🙂

The main house is filled with old furnitures and lamps.. We will off-cource keep many of them.

Most of the walls have a vintage pastel color palette.. We will keep some of the original soft pastel colors.

This is before scraping, washing, acrylic filling, priming and painting both walls, the roof and the floor..

And this is after..

We will continue this project when we are back from Bali again in May.

Photos : Åse Ørjasæter